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12 DECEMBER 2018
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Monday, 11 September 2017 11:46

Taiwan beefs up financial crime controls
Increased emphasis on confiscation brings success
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Russian trials helping to ‘legalise’ proceeds of corruption
Oligarchs can use local courts to block allegations
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Call for global measure of economic crime

UN ''best placed' to set up central reporting centre
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Should civil and criminal fraud cases be combined?
QC wants new fraud courts to fight ‘a war we are not winning’
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State corruption: Stop asset theft at source

More focus should be placed on integrity of local banks

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Law enforcement and banks plan global information sharing structure
Success of UK JMLIT initiative can be repeated worldwide, claims NCA
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France plugs anti-corruption gaps with DPAs
New law will enable "tough" corporate penalties
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Company liability for fraud prevention still under discussion
Solicitor general discusses proposal at Cambridge conference
With the news that the action against three Tesco senior managers for fraud has again been delayed, the insistence from the Solicitor General that proposals to make companies accountable for lack of fraud prevention is interesting. Not least because the retiring boss of the SFO says that DPAs bring in £1m a year per SFO employee making them a more lucrative alternative to a protracted court case.
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Tesco fraud trial adjourned as Serious Fraud Office argues need for DPAs

DPAs bring in £1m per employee - claim
The trial of three former Tesco directors accused of fraud in relation to the supermarket's £263m accounting scandal three years ago has been adjourned until September 25.
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