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21 JUNE 2018
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Thursday, 31 August 2017 14:26
Fraud Watch at the 35th Cambridge Economic Crime Symposium
For six intense days, 4,000 professionals from across the globe will gather at the Cambridge Economic Crime Symposium in the UK.

Fraud Watch will be there to report on this significant event that has established itself as pivotal in facilitating meaningful co-operation across disciplines and boundaries. The overarching theme for this year is the question as to “who should be responsible for protecting us from the harm caused by economically motivated crime and how we can assist them in doing a better job for all our sakes.”

According to Professor Barry A.K. Rider OBE, Executive Director and Co-Chairman of the Symposium, “These vital issues are pursued in a practical, applied and relevant manner, by those who with the benefit of experience are best placed to do so. We strive to offer a rich and deep analysis of the real issues and in particular threats to our institutions and economies presented by economically motivated crime and misconduct.

"We are also equally concerned to offer and assist in developing, if not solutions, at least better practices based on real experience and application. Therefore, well over 600 experts from around the world will share their experience and knowledge with other participants drawn from policy makers, law enforcement, compliance, regulation, business and the professions.”

With a very full programme that includes many split sessions, it is not possible even for those attending to remember everything from the event, so rely on Fraud Watch for a briefing on the key presentations, and detailed analysis and reports from many of the sessions, appearing at over the coming weeks.
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